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Hi! I'm Cheryl and welcome to my website.

I am an Artisan who can turn her hand to most Arts & Crafts. Although my creative streak was always there it was not until the late 1990's when I sat for my A level in Fine Art that my childhood flair was unleashed. Art became serious as my confidence and experimentation with different materials, media and processes grew.

I have often heard it said that grief can act in mysterious ways and looking back at my Mum's passing in 2012 this was one of those poignant moments. I dearly wanted to make her a wreath to make her proud of me. I know she had always believed in me, but it just did not seem enough somehow. I

have no idea if you call it luck or coincidence, but this time of contemplation led me searching on the internet for idea’s and I came across the work of Lia Griffiths. This became the fuel I needed to kick start my inspiration to make flowers. All I know is that this truly was the start of bigger & better things. Stumbling across an online antique book library and discovering 3 books; Vintage Crepe Paper Flowers, Mintorn,1864: Crepe Paper Flowers, Dennison, 1922: Uses of Crepe & Tissue Paper, Butterick,1895, was like coming across a rare make of delectable candy. I was hooked and this truly cemented an addiction to make flowers!

Expanding my work from a hobby to a serious business began in 2017 with the help of my Dad and Cousin Caroline and has gone from strength to strength ever since. In 2019 Caroline and I decided to join forces after doing a Market stall together. My Flowers would draw people in to look (especially the giant ones) and then they would start to talk about the stuff that is usually avoided but so important. A partnership which continues to be an all-round winner!

Most of the flowers I make are made from 180g & 90g Italian Crepe Paper, which is renowned for being stretchy, making it easy to manipulate. Other materials I like use are Acrylic Hard Felt, Silk Foam, Vellum, Coffee Filter Paper and even left over Wallpaper!  From the cutting out by hand, to its final sculpting glory as each petal lovingly comes together, no creation is the same.

Applying my patience of a saint mindset, no matter whether it’s a single giant or small inflorescence, a posy, bouquet or funeral tribute you commission me to do, my aim is to give everyone the same attention to detail, quality and high level of service time and time again.

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My Mum's Wreath

This was my very first attempt at making flowers. The Roses were made from glossy photo paper.  Many people at my Mum's funeral commented on how lovely and personal my wreath was. So, as my first attempt had such good feedback, I decided to invest my time and money into learning more techniques and processes on how to make flowers. Sometimes I have to come back to this picture to see how far I have come.

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